Undocumented Workers

Working without papers is full of risks—but whatever you may face, you have to make a living!

Your rights as a worker are not tied to your citizenship or legal status. We recognize and support your right to fair pay and conditions, safety on the job and freedom from any form of harassment. If you face violations in the workplace, you can contact us at any time—even anonymously, if you wish to.

We will listen and think of ways we can help without putting you at risk. We, as a labor union, do not cooperate on principle with immigration authorities or police against the interest of our members. Any steps we take are communicated with you, and we will only act if you are comfortable with it. Your identity and personal details will remain under protection and will not be on record anywhere. Your employer has no right to know about your association with a union. You, on the other hand, have the explicit right to seek the help of a union under the Freedom of Coalition Article [Art. 9 Abs. 3 GG] and legally, you cannot be punished for it.

Any further questions? You can find our contact information here: Kontakt. Please let us know which language you prefer, and what name you would like us to use (it can be fake).